Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ethos Gallery presents Sacred Geometry by Astrea Sri Ana

Join us June 8, 2013 and experience "BLUEPRINTS FOR THE NEW HUMAN" presented by Love Magnificent and Ethos Gallery.  Works presented include never before seen Sacred Geometry by Astrea Sri Ana of Ubud, Bali.

About the work:

The Universe has many tools for creation. The sound current - the Ohm of creation - is a powerful one we are all familiar with. Sacred Geometry is another - with the Flower of Life at the very core of our consciousness – and sound and geometry work hand in hand. What you might not realize is that Sacred Geometry is a vast & ongoing tool and science of creation. Astrea Sri Ana has been anchoring sacred geometric holograms for more than a decade. Astrea explains, “as I sit down to be given a hologram I start to sing – and am given the mantra, and write that down first of all – for all geometry is the physical representation of the sound. The world was created with sound – sound is geometry – all form is geometry. As I look out at the world I see the electro-magnetic field and all energies as geometry.”

Ethos Gallery will be exhibiting the Blueprints for the New Human, a set of 100 holograms Astrea Sri Ana channeled to help each person in their personal healing, transformation & ascension process. Each beautifully woven hologram heals and energizes when gazed upon by the viewer.  Each hologram represents a different healing property.  Whether you wish to attract love, prosperity, peace, or heal karmic wounds from the past, there exists a hologram to re-pattern your DNA to awaken the God within you.

JUNE 8, 2013

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