Saturday, April 27, 2013

The mystical art of Andrew Knights comes to Ethos May 10, 2013

UK artist Andy Knights brings his unique artistic talent to Ethos Gallery's "The Little Things" Art Exhibition May 10, 2013.  

About his art and inspiration, Andy shares, "As far back as I remember I’ve always drawn pictures. There were a lot of cartoon/video game characters, birds and dogs - these were the things that inspired and
surrounded me growing up. I was fortunate enough to get into skateboarding in my early teens. The adventurous and creative natures of skateboarding consumed me and led to my interest in subcultures. It ushered my taste in music and lead me to an interest in street culture and graffiti. I was in love with skateboard graphics and this gave me an outlet as an artist. My interests in art and design propelled me
into a degree in Multimedia, a Post-Grad in Advertising and short-lived skateboard/apparel company where I screen-printed my own boards and clothes. After a bunch of awful office jobs I had stacks of drawings and started hanging around with a graffiti crew called TMC. I was given the opportunity to paint a backdrop for a local festival and they gave me the use of a studio to do it in. Soon after the Festival, organizers Pete and Loobs helped me get my own studio at Maker Heights and I decided to practice as an artist as often as possible. The support from my family and the creative community of artists and musicians at Maker Heights has molded me into the artist I am today. I guess I didn’t choose to be an artist - it just sort of worked out that way. Apparently I got into trouble as child for selling sketches to children in the playground for 10p each. I have no recollection of this but it seems I may have been a natural hustler all along".

Ethos has a second show in the works slated for August 1st entitled "Ethos in Wonderland" where Andy will transform the gallery into a fantasy land of color and characters.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

MELROSE ART RIDE by Ethos Gallery July 14, 2013

Join us on a ride to support Art and promote bike riding on Melrose Avenue.  The LA County Bicycle Coalition is sponsoring a ride from Silver Lake to Ethos Art Gallery where the city has just installed additional bike racks for neighborhood riders.

Ethos Gallery will host a bike related art event featuring customized bikes and helmets by various street artists and fine artists inside the gallery.  An end of ride event including a beer garden and local vendors will feature a bike valet for all who participate. There will be giveaways, live entertainment, and an extraordinary art exhibition for all who attend. 

Help support our GREEN INITIATIVE to promote riding in this area and lower our carbon footprint. 

Sponsored by:

Ethos Gallery
LA County Bicycle Coalition
Sportie LA
Diamond Supply Co.
Green Business Network
Spokes N’ Stuff
New Era
Freqnt Flyr
Snakepit Alehouse
The Dime
Napa Smith Brewery
Hint Water
Hall of Fame

Special thanks to our partners for offering discounts and incentives to our riders and to New Era for supporting our art initiative.

For more info or sponsorship opportunities contact

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ethos Presents "The Little Things" Miniature Art Exhibition

Ethos Gallery invites you to “remember the little things” during our next art exhibition featuring miniature art.  With the world moving at a faster pace than ever before, it becomes easier to overlook the details, and more and more difficult to find pleasure in the tiny things that surround us.  By showcasing a world of wonder on each petite canvas, we are reminded to be grateful for the small things that connect us to our environment and each other.

May 10, 2013

5p.m. to 10 p.m.

Featuring Art By:

Kenton Parker, KRUSH, Free Humanity, Mike Boston, Snyder, Louis Carreon, Axis, Chod, Plastic Jesus, Danny Minnick, Gregory Siff, John Carr, Jennifer Korsen, Cory Shaw, Jero, Eboy, Norm, Jamie Williams, Phobik, Mike Maxwell, 
Nick Stern, Javiera Estrada, Dirt Cobain

Join us and send a BIG message with small art!

Ethos Gallery 7763 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles CA 90036

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CHOD making waves on Melrose at Ethos outdoor Fame Yard

Chod Gets Up and Gets Real.

For the street art fans who have been speculating for the past few months about the elusive Chod and his not so subtle messages, we finally have the low down on this emerging artist and what he has been trying to tell us.  Now working with Ethos Gallery, Chod opens up about his passion for art and his opinions about the world. 

“My art is basically about the idea that humanity has created these systems that govern our entire existence and they are all manufactured by us.  We perceive things like money, religion, and government to have been here forever, when in fact they are things we have fabricated.  Even geography, the idea of a country or state is something we made up.  Many things have served their purpose and we don’t need them anymore.  Like religion, I think we should get rid of it.  Money?  There’s a huge financial collapse happening and it’s only going to get worse.  As robotics takes over the manual labor force eventually there will exist a humanity without money.  There will be a society without religion and politics as we know it.  “None of this is real” is about all of these things.  It’s all just a false reality".

Going big in the Fame Yard at Ethos Gallery with a 20 foot wall, Chod's plans are only getting bigger.  "My ultimate installation would be to cover a large area of Melrose with a million dollars in one dollar bills".  That, would be the ultimate "Found Art" in Melrose history.  Stay tuned for more Chod on Ethos Blog.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Horses are Coming April 11th

I first came across Juliet van Otteren's horse photography in a coffee table book I purchased almost 10 years ago entitled "The Heart of the Horse".  The images took my breath away and I have yet to see anyone capture the spirit of horse as beautifully as Juliet does.  When I decided to curate a show about horses, she was the first person I sought out to contact.

I found Juliet in the Dominican Republic, embarking on a journey to photograph humpback whales in the Silver Bank Sanctuary.  Luckily, she would return in time to send her extraordinary works of art to LA to be a part of our exhibition entitled "Equestrian Spirit, The Heart of the Horse", which I fondly named after her lovely book.

I invite all of you to come by Ethos Gallery April 11 to meet Juliet in person and see her stunning collection of horses.  Opening reception begins at 7 p.m.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Street Artist CHOD first exhibition in Los Angeles

Up and coming street artist CHOD has been making a name for himself on Melrose with his much seen Wolf image "You Are Animal" and his famed Chimp "None of this is Real".  His most recent stunt, 12 street signs that hung from Fairfax to La Brea were all stolen within a day....  As you can see, Ethos was lucky enough to obtain one for the exhibition.

Also known for making art out of money, CHOD continues his conversation with the public about Fiat Money and expresses his views on its relative value based on collective agreement.

His next series entitled "GIRLS" will be available exclusively at Ethos.  For now, we look forward to seeing more artistic stunts around the neighborhood.


Brandon Boyd presents this original piece at exclusively at Ethos Gallery.
This is the last piece of his most recent series.
Acrylic and Ink on Paper  $3,000


Please join us for our next art exhibition featuring art from around the country celebrating the spirit of the horse.  The works presented include a wide variety of techniques, each one showcasing the power and gentle nature of the horse and its relationship to the human being.  

This exhibition will run from April 11 until May 5, 2013.