Friday, May 31, 2013

Plastic Jesus Wall Stolen from Fame Yard

It seems someone went through a lot of trouble to get his hands on a Plastic Jesus last night during the art show that was happening just down the block.  The wall, which had been up only a few weeks, was bolted securely into an iron fence in the Fame Yard just outside of Ethos Gallery on Melrose.

The Plastic Jesus art show was happening just a few blocks away at the Jarritos Pop Up Gallery while this seemingly well organized heist was taking place.

Taking street art has become a controversial subject.  Art that has been left intentionally for people to enjoy around the neighborhood will eventually disappear.  There are several people on the hunt for such gems, the idea behind it being if they don't take it...someone will.  

But I must say it crosses the line when it becomes a premeditated and organized plan to remove art with power tools knowing the artist, the fans, and the gallery are all preoccupied for the night.

I suppose if you want a Plastic Jesus THAT bad, you've earned it.

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