About Ethos

We, at Ethos Gallery, believe that conscious art creates awareness.
Ethos, a Greek word meaning character, represents the philosophy of a person, culture, or nation. We believe that art can enlighten, inspire, and elevate us to a higher dimension. Art has the power to influence emotion, behavior, and morality. Ethos is the spirit which motivates ideas, and shapes our very existence.

Conscious art is art with purpose, aimed at conveying a message for the greater good of its audience. We support art that reflects all forms of esoteric thought. Our collection varies in style and substance with one common objective, to challenge our awareness. Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is our purpose during this fast paced age of change and technology? Are we entering a time of rebirth? Or are we facing our own self-induced extinction? As each artist connects with his or her inner dialogue, an energetic flow begins, leading to poignant individual expressions that resonate from the heart. We are all spirits living a human existence, and what we do with our energy will dictate our future. We are living in a crucial time of spiritual expansion. Our art reflects this phenomenon. From street art to fine art, Ethos is a collective representing oneness through diversity in ideas.

Our gallery is a place for expression. We encourage conversations about existence, philosophy and alternate realities. Curators Eddie Donaldson and Lisa Falcone have merged their knowledge of art and metaphysical pursuits to create an environment where they live congruently. With over twenty years of experience combined, Ethos has emerged as the physical manifestation of an idea incepted lifetimes ago, here now in the present moment, inviting you to wake up.

Welcome to Ethos Gallery, a sacred space for conscious art.

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