Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sacred Geometry hits the streets

Design team Love Magnificent brought in this stencil as they get ready for the first ever Sacred Geometry street art initiative to hit the city.  The stencil, the geometric pattern for "LOVE" is the first in a series of 100 hologram shapes available at their upcoming art show at Ethos Gallery June 8, 2013.  

The LOVE stencil was designed by Love Magnificent but originated in Bali.  The shape was "channeled" by Astrea Sri Ana, the artist of origin for this groundbreaking art exhibition.

Using chalk paint so the team neither vandalizes nor harms the environment, the street team plans to hit locations all around LA to spread their message of LOVE and UNITY.  The show, cleverly titled "Blueprints for the New Human" will educate Los Angeles about the holograms and the power they have to shift consciousness to a positive direction.


We found this LOVE hologram cuddled up to a "cocaine" stencil on Melrose behind the Jarritos Pop Up Gallery.  We guess its as good a spot as any.


  1. love this! am excited to see the show!

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