Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CHOD making waves on Melrose at Ethos outdoor Fame Yard

Chod Gets Up and Gets Real.

For the street art fans who have been speculating for the past few months about the elusive Chod and his not so subtle messages, we finally have the low down on this emerging artist and what he has been trying to tell us.  Now working with Ethos Gallery, Chod opens up about his passion for art and his opinions about the world. 

“My art is basically about the idea that humanity has created these systems that govern our entire existence and they are all manufactured by us.  We perceive things like money, religion, and government to have been here forever, when in fact they are things we have fabricated.  Even geography, the idea of a country or state is something we made up.  Many things have served their purpose and we don’t need them anymore.  Like religion, I think we should get rid of it.  Money?  There’s a huge financial collapse happening and it’s only going to get worse.  As robotics takes over the manual labor force eventually there will exist a humanity without money.  There will be a society without religion and politics as we know it.  “None of this is real” is about all of these things.  It’s all just a false reality".

Going big in the Fame Yard at Ethos Gallery with a 20 foot wall, Chod's plans are only getting bigger.  "My ultimate installation would be to cover a large area of Melrose with a million dollars in one dollar bills".  That, would be the ultimate "Found Art" in Melrose history.  Stay tuned for more Chod on Ethos Blog.

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