Friday, July 5, 2013

Ethos Gallery and LAYoga Magazine present Art Contest for New Green Community in LA

Enter our ART CONTEST to become a Brand Ambassador for Valhalla CA and help build a better world.

Valhalla California is taking on the challenge to build a green, eco-conscious self-sustainable community right here in our home city of Los Angeles.  There are already some of these off the grid self reliant communities in places like lush, green Oregon where it seems a natural fit.  Valhalla says we can free ourselves from the power company and food industry right here in the middle of our concrete jungle.  All it takes is a little awareness and the support of some creative leaders.  

First order of business?  Valhalla needs a new look.  Ethos is hosting a city wide art contest to find the artist with the best new logo for Valhalla California.  Think green, think LA, think freedom and think future!  The winner will be awarded the title of "Creative Brand Ambassador" for Valhalla California and his/her logo will be used on all marketing materials and merchandising for the company.  You will also be featured in LAYoga Magazine's online art section!

The Valhalla agenda is to build a community of homes in LA that are in complete harmony with nature.  They are affordable, and made from 100% recyclable materials. They produce food, renew energy, and recycle water. The home's temperature is maintained by thermal mass. There are zero carbon footprint qualities and zero emissions.  Valhalla makes it possible for everyone to enjoy sustainable, self-sufficient housing and paves the way for an emerging mindful, eco-conscious global community.

Why ART?  Because Ethos Gallery believes in the power of art to spread a message.  We know everyone wants to be free of unnecessary bills and we want to make sure they know how to get there.  Through artist support, city wide murals, and community events we plan to get the knowledge to the masses the only way we know how....  from the artist to the world.

All artist submissions should be emailed to Ethos Gallery at

Come meet Valhalla and get more info at MELROSE ART RIDE July 14, 2013 from 3pm-7pm at Ethos Gallery.  7763 Melrose Avenue, LA 90046 or email

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