Tuesday, June 4, 2013

6th Grade Street Artist posts art around school

A sixth grade student who was inspired by her parent's street art collection has been making statements at her school with her own brand of street art.  This piece entitled "Plastic Lock Down" was inspired by her school's lock down drills intended to help prepare students for an intruder on campus.  Nowadays, schools at every level are becoming conscious of the need to educate and protect students in the event of a dangerous encounter.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, feels that the lock down drills are only creating intense fear and panic among the kids only to find out it is merely a practice drill.  "Plastic lock down" is a message meant to express her feelings about being subjected to a fear that is in her opinion, not real. 

Although I support the drills and feel they are unfortunate but necessary these days, I also support her opinion and applaud her for expressing herself.  Stay Up!

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