Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ethos presents Fundraiser and Art Show for Fire Victims June 22, 2013 at Jarritos Pop Up Gallery

Ethos Gallery presents an art show and fundraiser for fire victim Kelly Reyes and her family Armando Reyes and Armando Reyes Jr. on June 22, 2013 at Jarritos Pop Up Gallery at 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.

Hosted by:  Ethos Gallery, Street Art Sanctuary, Jennifer Korsen

Featuring art by:

Cryptik, Risk, Slick, Sebastian Walker, Gregory Siff, Phobik, Plastic God, Plastic Jesus, Jennifer Korsen, Adam Roth, Random Act, Animal In Man, Anna Drumm, Annie Preece, Benjamin Alejandro, Booleep, BleepBloop, Ben Snyder, Ciphe, Common Cents, Desire Obtain Cherish, Dillon, Dirt Cobain, Dub Williams, Earl Lee, Hannah Streety, Holis Hart, Icy and Sot, Jamie Becker, Jose Castillo, Leba, Look At, Lydia Emily, Madman, Mona, Never Lego, Nick Bates, Noah Emhurt, Nuskr, Pasty Whyte, RS70, Samir Evol, Septerhed, Shadow Monster Bear, Teacher, Thefl, There She Is, Tommy Face, Vyal One, You killed me first, ZLA

Our dear friend and street art connoisseur Kelly Reyes and her family suffered a fire that completely destroyed their home.  They lost all their possessions.  Her young son, Armando, lost all of his toys and they have been staying at a Red Cross shelter until they can afford a new home.  Their pets have been taken to a shelter.  They are in desperate need of help in order to replace the basic necessities they need to get on with their lives.

Armando Reyes

Ethos Gallery will host an art show to raise funds for the family along with the art community.  We are overwhelmed by the support of everyone who is donating art, time, and money to get this family back on their feet.  Kelly Reyes is an outstanding member of the street art community and dedicates most of her time to support artists.  She has been photographing street art in the neighborhood free of charge for local blogs to help promote the art that she loves so much.  Her camera was destroyed, along with her precious art collection.

Please help us spread the word to bring the community together and raise enough money to get the Reyes family a place to live.   Help us give back to a girl who has given us so much.
The art will be priced to sell so don’t miss this rare opportunity to buy for a great cause.

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